blog #4
MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday with your friends and family! Always remember it’s the thought that counts!    -H


Christmas Eve

Blog #3
Hey everyone it’s Christmas Eve and we all know how that means! Last minute shopping, filling out Christmas cards, wrapping presents, figuring out plans with family and friends, etc. It is a crazy time of year were instead of going to bed and being prepared the next day we go to bed so late its early in the morning. But whether you guys get sleep or not hope you have a Merry Christmas Eve! 🙂 Stay safe and try your best not to stress! ❤ -H

Just One of Those Days

Blog #2
Today was an alright day you know the usual, wake up and go to school, etc. But after school today I went to my friend Bella’s house and I got a serious back pain. I think its because of the stress from the holiday. This was a hard Christmas with money and being able to afford presents. I wanted to get everyone something, my 2 best friends and my family. I ended up getting them small gifts and I know it’s the thought that counts but I just feel bad because I know its been a hard time for all of us! Anyway, hope you guys had a wonderful day! -H


Blog #1
Welcome to my website! I am new at this and I hope my thoughts can be helpful for others. I will be blogging about my life and emotions, when I mention someone it will not be their real name for safety reasons! I hope to relate to people and that people can relate to me. Thanks for joining me on the roller coaster of my life!  -H